About Us

Collective Seeds Consulting Cooperative is a worker-owned shared-services cooperative for consultants specializing in various aspects of co-op development, management, organizing and education. Collective Seeds members are skilled professionals who assist co-ops and community-based enterprises in growing our capacity, services, and operations. We have wide ranging experience spanning decades, focusing on housing and worker co-ops, but with relevance for other cooperative sectors as well.

Taken together, Collective Seeds members have over 100 years of co-op experience and have organized more than a dozen major cooperative conferences—regionally, nationally, and internationally. These include multiple NASCO Institutes and worker cooperative conferences. We have lived in, belonged to, worked with and organized co-ops across the U.S. and Canada, as well as studying models from throughout the world.

At present, our principals and founding consultants include Jim Jones, Adam Konner, Andrew McLeod, Salam Rida, and holly jo Sparks. Our areas of expertise include co-op development, fundraising, financial management, research, conference organizing, training and education, property management, graphic design, web development, strategic planning, and more.

Coming together in a co-op allows the consultant-members of Collective Seeds to extend our shared skill set even further, as we can leverage the knowledge and networks of our colleagues. We believe in cooperation, and we are putting our values into action!